You will survive!! (When you ve got the blues)

Stacey was in a hospital drained of energy and life. Fighting a battle of cancer. People pitied her ,gave her hope but forgot to inspire her daily ,every minute. Then an old lady came upto her and told her if she would embark on a mental journey of hope , dreams , aspirations and adventure. Stacey agreed . Every day the old lady would tell her a story and teach her the violin . They watched games together and thought of moves, and talked about life . Then one day the lady said something like this ……
I know a lotta people who are merely existing not living life…why??. Cuz they’re losing something precious daily and it costs them a lot when they are done.. They feel like they are under the ocean,bearing a million pounds of pressure . Like a volcano that’s shut up for long ,they need a vent or they’ll blow up someday . Here is a piece of my mind ….and i mean it.

You can’t give are a winner and were born for a purpose that God destined you to be . Then how on earth can you give up . I have been living about 65 years or so and do know a thing bout death and life . A lil girl like you cannot give up . You will survive life and it is upto you to make your life count in the pages of history. Anybody can give up but only the brave can stand up to challenges and win them . So get up and get going . Inspire people and you will get inspired . Turn your sadness into happiness . Use your time wisely and help out . There are a million people, teens and kids suffering from fear, eating disorders, and some like you . Depression , and lots more .you gotta help em out . Be bold . Venture out mentally . You think life is too much . You are wrong . Learn to enjoy life every moment.

Some people get far ahead in life cuz they believe in moving ahead… You can’t change your past but what you do in the present will determine your future..

Since then Stacey began improving , she started writing and speaking to people. Many called her for hope and inspired her ..and one day she improved and was allowed to go home .

End of story but a beginning for those of you who will read this . Why be so self conscious and feel inferior . You are unique duh! And no one can replace you on this planet . So create your story and be a part of others story as you weave a life of joy and happiness. Inspire people like the old lady and spend time loving yourself for who you are and who God made ya to be …… So emotional …. But yeah if you ever feel down call your buddy . You will never regret that teeny decision … And remember , inspire people . Life is about living for others too not just yourself … Thanks for reading and do share if you like …..

Ps. Hope i ‘ m improving…cheers:) and yeah this story is fictious but the message is so totally not!!!! Be inspired and cheer others on ……

This is taken from my other personal really secret totally cool and secret blog… Shhhh



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