Trippin o’er ma toes ain’t no big surprise!,

Ever felt soo messed up …. Everyone does sometimes. It’s no big deal,right ! Wrong! But sometimes it gets so messed up . Alrighty i’ll give you an example. I was to talk about unity in my school and a kid made funny faces at me and guess what ,……i burst out laughing .wow what could possibly go wrong in my world … I know you agree with me . Sometimes we get stuck in such weird situations and dunno how to get outta it . So here is an idea how to control your emotions . I know some of us get the right punchline few hours later… Its a human phenomenon when replying to bullies or meanies etc. Right ….. Back to where we were just starting out .

If it was done by someone on purpose …. Give em the look … duh! How lame can your pranks get …..i ‘m tired of them … And yeah GROW UP…. Please,..

If you messed up …… And you get a stare from people. Stare right back and say …. “It was a mistake .. And everybody does mistakes ,sometime or the other and i’m human …..not supergirl or whatever you remember .”

If you slip and fall , laugh and stand up tall….
And do help others up if they falll…..

This is for teens just going to high school. Yeah one word of caution
….. Do not lose your temper and end up more idiotic than before….. So chill out people. It is perfectly ok to mess up sometimes and act cool ….. It is way better than becoming nervous . Be cool . Then i stopped laughing and said “hey , does anybody wanna join me in laughing ….what about unity huh… To this the atmosphere felt relaxing to be in and i finally completed my speech… The end … But the funny part is that somebody came up to me and asked …” ummm… What were you laughing about …was it a part of the speech or something you remembered while talking … And i confessed that someone made me laugh .. To this the person said ..yeah but you played it totally cool and i liked your idea. I was pleased and decided to help few more humans like me who may get stuck in such strange cases …

Chill and relax and do not freak out . Thanks for reading…


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