Challenged!!! With a game of bb…..

It was this april I decided to move around and probably try a game and basketball came my way . Lookin at the height advantage I was lured straight away to play . I had a ball but never used it even once. All it ever did was gather dust in that CORNER….. So I went to the coach and began training . Whew! Never thought it was hardwork . I know kids in other countries learn basketball in their middle school or somewhere round then . But then I was in high school and the game came my way …..and somebody challenged me to a one on one game . I haughtily smirked and accepted the challenge . Oops is it one of my mistakes….. Will i win or be defeated by the game.. I am training and workin out but yeah! Its pretty hard for a teenager like me who exactly umm….. Aint agile but can survive … If your’e learning too ,join me as i explore the game and check out a host of websites to help train . So far so good …. Thanks for reading ….(my second post..:))


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