Summer sunshine

So here I am in a place where the heat rages in summer .Hey this is my first post so i decided to talk someting on the sunny side . I have always known the sun as a close friend cuz i live in a place that is pretty sunny and i mean it. The best part of summer is fun .Ice lollies , beach times and family time where all your worries are taken care of .But … The heat saps you of your life and energy( i was kiddin bout the life thing) and leaves you tired and miserable and pretty sweaty! So i am going on vacation and am leaving you few stuff to do to loaf your time away in summer ….. Or join a vacation club and party all summer. But for the others you can…..
Party, swim,join a class/game,open a craft session in your garage if your folks agree that is , to have people swarm in for classes and earn money . Post blogs and make videos or read books. I know i am talking bout stuff which you daily do . But yeah … I guess you know better ….. Enjoy your summer holidays with lots of summer sunshine and a beautiful tan . Thanks for reading….


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